RENPOWER MADAGASCAR 2017 - Renewable Energy, Power Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency Investor Conference

Antananarivo - RENPOWER MADAGASCAR 2017 - Renewable Energy, Power Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency Investor Conference

Euroconvention Global is pleased to announce that registrations for the MADAGASCAR RENEWABLE ENERGY, POWER INFRASTRUCTURE & ENERGY EFFICIENCY INVESTOR CONFERENCE 2017 are now open. It will take place in the capital city of Antananarivo on September 13, 2017.

Madagascar has large untapped renewable energy resources of hydro, solar, biomass, wind and other sources. The Government has decided to improve electricity provision and has embarked on an ambitious reform process. In its New Energy Policy (NEP), it aims to produce 85% of the country power from renewable sources by 2030.

The regulatory framework and the new energy policy currently under development indicate an increasing focus on renewable energies and are expected to attract substantial international financial resources, knowhow and technology.

The country presents numerous untapped market opportunities for rural electrification, the hybridization of existing diesel mini-grids with PV, and the provision of green technology for productive use.  

A growing number of private operators start to enter the market, leading to increasing competition. The restructuring process of National Water and Electricity Company (JIRAMA), currently undertaken by the World Bank, seeks to increase transparency and financial capacity in order for JIRAMA to become a potent partner in public-private partnerships.

Being one of Africa most promising developing markets, major progress can be expected in Madagascar in the near future.


Detailed agenda and registration 

If you are interested to investigate further the market potential, ask for the detailed agenda. Registration are open, so make sure to book your seat now in order to benefit  from the current early bird discount applied. There is also a multi-booking discount available in case of registration of two or more delegates from your company. Hotel venue and accommodation details will be advised upon your registration.


Partnerships opportunities (speaking slots, display stand space, etc.)

If you are looking for a more pro-active participation, this event offers exclusive opportunities to raise your company profile and highlight your expertise. Speaking slot or display stand space in the conference foyer are available on a first come first served basis. Please contact us, should you want to find out more about the corporate packages and conditions.


Feel free to contact us for any clarification, pricing, group discounts, etc. We will be happy to guide you and assist you to finalize your registration.

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