Azerbaijan Infrastructure & Renewable Energy Investment Conference

Baku - 16.11.2016-17.11.2016

Euroconvention Gobal is hosting its annual South Caucasus event - the Azerbaijan Infrastructure, Power & Alternative Energy Investment Conference - on 16 and 17 November in Baku.

Transport Infrastructure, logistics and urban development

Azerbaijans geographical position makes it an important link between the Black and Caspian Seas and between Russia and Iran. In order to become the first choice in freight transit, which is estimated at USD 650 billion, Azerbaijan works on improving its transport infrastructure with a special focus on railways and road network.

The Greater Baku Regional Development Plan – 2030 aims to develop the Absheron Peninsula. The implementation of the project is expected to boost further both rail transport and urban infrastructure projects.

To consolidate its position as the Caucasus most important transport node, Azerbaijan has over the past decade built 6,835 miles of new roads, about 300 bridges and has reconstructed all its main roads connecting the country with Georgia, Russia and Iran. The development of transport infrastructure remains a priority and will keep attracting new Investments and technologies into the country.

Renewable energy potential

Azerbaijan has the opportunity to invest revenues from hydrocarbon exports into the development of alternative energy resources.

Currently, the share of alternative energy sources in Azerbaijans energy basket is less than 1 percent, mostly represented by small hydroelectric power plants. The State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources of Azerbaijan now aims to increase this share to 20 percent of the total volume of energy consumption by 2020, which requires USD 6.7 billion of investment.

Within the upcoming five years, Azerbaijan plans to build up to 100 facilities for alternative energy. The investment made recently in the development of the alternative energy sector of the country amounts to USD 60 million, some USD 33.3 million of which was invested in the development of solar energy, as a large part of the countrys potential in this area is accounted for solar energy, which is estimated at 5,000 MW.

Furthermore, as Azerbaijan is enjoying the relevant infrastructure for electricity transmission, it gets dividends for electricity transmission as a transit country by carrying out electricity export-import operations between Russia and Iran.

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