Pakistan Power & Renewable Energy Investment Conference

Islamabad - 18.05.2016-19.05.2016

Pakistan continues to draw further interest from international companies looking to setting up large-scale renewable energy projects. As the development of renewable energy infrastructure in Pakistan requires financial and technical assistance, the country is looking to increase cooperation and partnership between public and private sector stakeholders. The Pakistan Power & Renewable Energy Investment Conference is a unique occasion for you and your colleagues to get first-hand updated information and network with key decision-makers.

The country has large untapped renewable energy resources in terms of wind and solar energy, not to mention its hydro and biomass potential. Detailed resource assessment of wind, solar and biomass was carried out in the country through World Bank assistance. Ground installations for measuring of solar irradiation have also been made in several parts of the country. 

The government has taken pragmatic steps to harness the available renewable energy potential, diversify its energy mix and ensure sustainable development in the country. The promotion and development of RE technology have generated a record investment in just one year, revealing the interest of investors in this sector. Foreign investors poured over $3 billion into the renewable energy sector in Pakistan over the last year.

The Alternative Energy Development Board stated that letters of interest have been issued for 25 solar power projects representing 663 MW of cumulative capacity. All these projects are expected to be commissioned by 2018. The provincial government of Punjab has also issued letters of intent for 600 MW of solar power capacity. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority of Pakistan has presented earlier this year its 2016 solar feed in tariff scheme and IFC has launched a guidebook for solar project development in the country.

Several international companies are currently working on wind energy projects in Pakistan. The Alternate Energy Development Board announced last year that over 40 wind energy projects are in various stages of development and are likely to contribute around 2,050 MW capacity to the national grid by 2017-2018.

The implementation of hydropower projects are going on - Pakistan has 65,000 megawatts of identified hydroelectric power projects and 100,000MW potential.

The generation of electricity through a wide range of biomass resources, particularly woody biomass and organic waste is also available in abundance in Pakistan.

National policy and regulations to support the renewable energy sector will be largely addressed as well in this flagship investment event.


Agenda, registration and pro-active participation

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