3rd Annual South Caucasus Infrastructure & New Energy Investment Summit

Tbilisi - 16.02.2016-17.02.2016

Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are entering a new phase of consolidation of their economy. Having considerably improved their business environment, South Caucasus countries have achieved their transformation from a post-Soviet basket case economy to a shining example of what determination and focused reform can do. South Caucasus is now featuring one of the fastest growing economies in the world, largely because of its vast energy (and alternative energy) production and export. Another main contributor to growth is the area of environmental infrastructure, construction, roads, railways and public transport, urban utilities, cleaning and waste recycling as well as of water supply and management.

There are opportunities across the board, notably in all these infrastructure sub-sectors and new energy markets, as well as in several peripheral industries such as financial services and related advisory services.

The 3rd Annual South Caucasus Infrastructure & New Energy Investment Summit is taking place in Tbilisi on 16 and 17 February 2016. It offers a unique occasion for you and your relevant colleagues to network with key government officials, IFIs, project owners, recognized large industry operators and SMEs involved in these sectors along with contractors, consultants and other solution providers. As recorded for the 2015 edition, the event will be the largest investors get together, bringing under one roof up to 250+ local and international delegates, keen to exchange ideas and to receive first hand information on the increasing potential of the Region. Join the numerous attendees already registered and learn from the experiences of regional experts and their approaches, including best practices in project financing, PPP and execution as well as sustainability and environmental oriented practices.