Mozambique Power Infrastructure & Renewable Energy Investment Conference

Maputo - 09.02.2016-10.02.2016

We are pleased to announce The Mozambique Power Infrastructure & Clean Energy Investment Conference which will take place in Maputo (Mozambique) on 9-10 February 2016.

The event promises to provide an unprecedented informative and networking platform featuring the great opportunities for partnership, cooperation and investment into the enormous renewable energy potential of MozambiqueIt  will  bring together under one roof both public and private sectors, including international project developers, relevant government officials, leading financiers and IFIs, as well as corporate executives and entrepreneurs.


The key topics that will be addressed are based on the following country background for the sector:

As of 2014, the on-grid generating capacity of Mozambique was 2.2GW, with large hydro power making up 2GW. The remaining capacity is comprised of small scale fossil plants and small hydro. Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) has 5% of its generation capacity and is responsible for transmission and distribution services. Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa 2GW large hydro plant is taking care of the remaining generation and is a large exporter of electricity to neighboring countries. MoTraCo runs transmission lines to large industrial projects and neighboring Swaziland. The aging transmission and distribution networks need now to be renewed to optimize capacity and to reduce expensive maintenance or repair.

Earlier in 2011, a public-private partnership law was published, creating opportunities for private generators. There are currently a 110MW gas-fired plant, two coal-fired power plants amounting to 900MW and a 1.5GW large hydro project being developed by independent power producers (IPPs). Additionally, two other projects are being developed to supply coal mines.

Clean energy has mainly been deployed so far to increase the country electrification rate, which stands at approx. 40%. Distributed solar systems have been instrumental to bring electricity to small villages, where transmission infrastructure has not yet arrived. The National Energy Fund - a government agency - is dedicated to implement off-grid projects and it holds tenders for the installation of systems across the country by private developers.

In order to increase the development of renewable energy technologies in the country, the Ministry of Energy has launched in 2014 a feed-in tariff to provide price premiums to small-scale projects from 10kW to 10MW for biomass, small hydro, solar and wind. In this respect, a regulatory framework is in the process of being implemented. There are also plans to develop a wind farm close to Inhambane, 500km north of Maputo. On the other hand, Mozambique is one of the few countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to have a solar supply-chain facility. The module assembly plant near Maputo aims to produce components for the national market.

Summarizing, Mozambique offers unique business development opportunities for all those project developers, consultants and financiers involved in the clean energy sector and looking for further outlets in the Sub-Saharan Region.

There are opportunities to participate as delegate or more pro-actively, as partner of the conference. We look forward to discussing the best format of presence for your company.