EU-Uzbekistan Infrastructure & Alternative Energy Trade & Investment Forum

Tashkent - 23.04.2014-24.04.2014

Following the successful and well attended business and investment summits recently concluded in Kazakhstan and in Kyrgyzstan, Euroconvention Global is continuing its Central Asia series of events with the proposed Uzbekistan Infrastructure & Alternative Energy Trade and Investment Forum, scheduled to take place in Tashkent on 23-24 April 2014.

The Uzbek economy has been very resilient to the impact of the global economic downturn and the country has recorded a solid real annual GDP growth in the latest years.

While intensifying its international trade flow with China, maintaining cross-border relations with Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, and developing a strategic partnership with Russia (through the Eurasian integration program), Uzbekistan is also attracting and encouraging further FDIs from EU countries. At the same time, International Financial Institutions operating in the region are very active in lending to both private and public sectors; they are keen to co-finance construction/upgrading of infrastructure projects (including transport, logistics, water, waste and urban utilities), not to mention the strong support provided to the alternative energy initiatives and environmental sustainability.

As indicated by the President of Uzbekistan in a new year Governmental statement on The Outcomes of the Economic and Social Development in 2013 and Priorities for 2014, factors of major importance are the preservation of macroeconomic stability, the development of high-tech industries including alternative energies, the acceleration of the modernization process and the completion of the regulatory reform. These achievements and prospects of Uzbekistan in the realization of Uzbek model of development are widely acknowledged across the world.

This event will take the shape of an interactive informative and networking Forum, gathering 200+ senior representatives from the government and IFIs, along with key services and industry suppliers, business delegations, Chambers of Commerce, relevant SMEs, local and international investors – particularly those involved in:

  • Transport and Roads Infrastructure
  • Railways, Logistics and special free trade Zones
  • Industrial Infrastructure and Construction
  • Municipal Infrastructure and Urban/Rural Utilities
  • Alternative Energy and Environmental Technologies
  • Water, waste management, and recycling

The Forum will enable you to explore the current and future opportunities in these sectors, to network and to build personal relationships with the right decision–makers.