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Mauritania Renewable Energy, Power Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency Investors Conference

Nouakchott - Mauritania Renewable Energy, Power Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency Investors Conference

Euroconvention Global is pleased to announce the hosting of the Mauritania Renewable Energy, Power Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency Investors Conference, set to take place in Nouakchott on October 12, 2017.

Mauritania already increased power generation threefold since 2000. Electricity demand has, indeed, been growing at an average of 10% since 2000, mainly due to mining and other industrial operations. Electricity generation in Mauritania is mainly of thermal origin, with a strategic plan in progress so as to diversify the mix and reach 20% of renewables by 2020. Such a transition continues to be mainly driven by solar and wind resources.

The country still faces barriers concerning the connection to the grid, which remains quite limited due to geographical and demographic factors. The development of renewable energy in the country is facilitated by the existing electricity network of mini-grids. The National Industrial and Mining Company (SNIM) is the second largest producer of electricity in the country after SOMELEC, producing electricity to satisfy mining activities.

The country has significant renewable energy potential, both in wind and solar - with a clear renewable energy plan, this is opening new opportunities for technology transfer, partnership and foreign investment in the sector.


Detailed agenda and registration

If you are interested to investigate further the market potential, ask for the detailed agenda. Registration are open, so make sure to book your seat now in order to benefit from the current early bird discount applied. There is also a multi-booking discount available in case of registration of two or more delegates from your company. Hotel venue and accommodation details will be advised upon your registration.

Partnerships opportunities (speaking slots, display stand space, etc.)

If you are looking for a more pro-active participation, this event offers exclusive opportunities to raise your company profile and highlight your expertise. Speaking slot or display stand space in the conference foyer are available on a first come first served basis.

Feel free to contact us for any clarification, pricing, group discounts, etc. We will be happy to guide you and assist you to finalize your registration.

Please contact Michel Masquelier at if interested.