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Algeria Infrastructure & Renewable Energy Investment Conference

Algiers - Algeria Infrastructure & Renewable Energy Investment Conference

Who should attend the conference?

  • Mayors, State Government representatives, and embassies
  • Providers of municipal and urban services
  • Public utilities providers, waste management, and environmental agencies
  • Fossil and renewable energy companies
  • Control water authority
  • Traffic and roads department
  • Transport and logistical companies
  • Infrastructure developers, town planners and architects
  • Engineering and construction companies
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and banks
  • Legal and consulting firms
  • PPP advisors
  • Investors and private equity companies
  • ICT companies

Geographically, the conference is attracting an audience from Algeria, the MENA region, the Mediterranean region, Africa, Europe and the US.

To register and become a delegate, please contact:

Michel Masquelier
Event Manager
+32 2 662 16 12